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This is your german teacher 👩‍🏫 - Andy

Since 2015 I have tutored students of all ages from many countries and I have been working as the headmaster of a language training center in China since 2018. Teaching is my passion, and I love sharing my knowledge and seeing students improve their language skills.

Teaching is my passion, and I love sharing my knowledge and seeing students improve their language skills.

If you are looking for a way to improve your German, be it for beginners with no prior knowledge, parents of children who are looking for a way to learn German in a playful way or advanced students who want to focus on real-world conversational – I can help you!


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Learn German for beginners & intermediate students
– A playful way of learning German with over ten trial levels and hundreds of planned levels
– Audio from native speakers only
– Practice German nouns and their genders
Various topics: food, drinks, hobbies and more
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I regularly upload videos for my learners on YouTube. Check out my video series for beginners or learn how to pronounce difficult German words like “Rindfleischettikettierungsmaschine”. 


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You will find exercises, lessons and printable documents on my blog. This can also be useful for other language teachers. Feel free to use my material as long as you acknowledge the source.


What my students Say?

We've been lucky to have Andy to be our kid's tutor. Andy is very talented in teaching and opening up students. My kid enjoys every lesson with him with so much fun. I am surprised how my kid speaks more confidently after just a few lessons. His lessons simply work like a charm.​
Andy is really good at adjusting the path according to student's needs and learning progress. I was able to learn lots of new things apart from the matrial he provided, he's also very patient in providing additional notes and tips. Very pleasant learning experience!

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