German for beginners Lesson 3 – Guten Tag!


German for beginners Lesson 3 – Guten Tag!

🔹 Guten Tag
🗣 [ˌɡutn̩ ˈtaːk]
🔸Good afternoon / good day

Guten Tag! ☀️
Good afternoon

Guten Morgen 🌅
Good morning

Guten Abend 🌇
Good evening

Gute Nacht 🌃
Good night

Es ist ein guter Tag. 😊☀️
It is a good day.

Gut 👍

der Tag 📅
the day

🎓How to use it?
„Guten Tag“ actually translates to „good day“
However, good afternoon in English will only be used in the afternoon while the German „Guten Tag“ is used literally anytime.

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